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  We market our listings through various sources below:

        I:   Print Advertising:

  • Newsday Life Section
    Display Picture Ads in the Townships of Islip and Babylon

  • The Real Estate Book:  A Monthly Publication

  • The East Islip Pride Newspaper:     A Monthly Publication

  • The Islip Bulletin: A Monthly Publication

  • The Babylon Beacon:A Weekly Publication

  • South Shore Monthly: A Monthly Publication Distributed Free of Charge Throughout
         the South Shore

  • The New York Times: Specific Date Publication

        II:  Internet Marketing Plan: 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week - which gets you on Cablevision Channel 606 - a full single page site for each property

III:  Floorplan Brochures and Virtual Tour


Winkler Real Estate hires a professional firm to come into your home and record exact measurements of all of your rooms.  Further, a professional photographer with a wide angle lens takes pictures of your home in the best venue possible, and then creates a virtual tour.  This combined floor plan with photos is then available through our website at  and on the Multiple Listing Service.


IV:      Highlight Sheets


We believe that a buyer should not have to work so hard to remember everything about your house, so we create Highlight Sheets for them.  It has a picture of your house on the front, and then the lay-out of your home is recreated, together with all of the important details, both structural and cosmetic, that make your house unique.  This way, all the buyer has to do is view your home, and then review the details at their convenience.


V:        Broker Open Houses


   Winkler Real Estates’ team of professionals know that it is necessary for all agents to view your home to properly familiarize themselves with the property.  We hold an open house for Brokers on Thursday or Friday to allow them this opportunity. 


   VI:      Public Open House


   The Winkler Real Estate sales associates encourage the public to view your home during a pre-scheduled public open house during the weekend, customarily on a Sunday from 1 to 4 PM.
Each customer is always accompanied by a Winkler Real Estate agent, who provides them with the necessary information on your property.


   VII:     Local Mailings


   Winkler Real Estate does “Just Listed” mailings with information on your home throughout the local community to spark the interest of area residents who may have friends or family looking to buy in your neighborhood.


   VIII:     Aerial Photography


   If your home is situated on a large or unique piece of property, and taking only a front picture of it will not do it justice, then we will have an aerial photograph taken of your  home with several different views, capturing the surrounding landscape
or waterfront.


   VIX:     Signs


               It is important to have a sign on your property to let the public know that you are selling    
               your home.  If a buyer calls on the sign, then that means they already like either the
              location of your property, or the look of the house, which is a great way to start selling
              your home.
           Call me (Catherine) at (631) 321-8400 x202 or my cell (631) 741-1700